Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Wired and Wireless Networking

We currently provide Hotels and Restaurants with certified hotspot solutions in conjunction with our partner, Free Hotspot, (the worlds largest Free Wi-Fi Hotspot provider)


Digital CCTV

Whether you are in the restaurant or retail business, how your staff interact with customers in front of you may not necessarily be the way they behave with them when you are not around. Poor customer service will result in people walking away which you probably would not know about.


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Wireless Office

Wireless technology will reshape the way we think, live and work within our surrounding environment. As we approach a new era where we become less reliant on traditional cabled environment to one where unified communication over a wire free space becomes prevalent, our very need to adjust to changes will form the basis of how we merge present day working practices with that of tomorrow.

Forward Innovation helps office and business integrate or transfer their working environment to a world where wireless mobility can dramatically improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve overall productivity.

Our service includes:
  • Full wireless or integrated wireless office,
  • All in one wireless office with on board authentication, bandwidth allocation and firewall protection.,
  • Remote administration and monitoring for quick response technical support.
  • Multi-layered security features incorporating protection and anti virus.